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The new OCZ Vertex 460 has shifted to 19nm Toshiba flash!


As of yesterday, the OCZ we all knew was officially acquired by Toshiba. They are now referred to as OCZ Storage Solutions, acting as a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Group:

This deal has been in the works for a while now, and while some suspected OCZ might be going under, they have continued to release new drives. The acquisition is more beneficial to OCZ than you might think, in that they now have much better access to Toshiba flash memory. Further, they can likely purchase it at better costs than available to those outside of the new parent companies' umbrella.

Today is no different, and OCZ is ringing in the pairing with a new product launch:

Lets jump right into the specs:


OCZ also provided a comparison against prior models:

This new model, just like the Vector 150, sports Toshiba 19nm flash. It's a slightly newer version of the Barefoot 3 controller, but with a lower endurance spec and warranty period.

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Just as in the Vertex 450, the controller is simply a revised version of the Barefoot 3 used in the OCZ Vector:

OCZ claims the new BF3-M10 runs at a lower clock. This move was done to increase yield. The reduced clock speed should (hopefully) not significantly reduce performance. The new design also incorporates support for newer flash types as well as the incorporation of hardware AES-256 encryption.


3.5" bracket, Acronis cloning software license key, standard OCZ compact packaging, sticker mod.

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