Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Excellent performance
  • Excellent cost/GB (see below)


  • Availability at MSRP?

Pricing and Availability:

For comparison, I'll first show the introductory MSRP's for the Vertex 450:

  • 128GB – $130 ($1.02/GB)
  • 256GB – $235 ($0.92/GB)
  • 512GB – $500 ($0.98/GB)

And now the Vertex 460:

  • 120GB – $100 ($0.83/GB)
  • 240GB – $190 ($0.79/GB)
  • 480GB – $360 ($0.75/GB)

This is the sort of agressive pricing we need to see if OCZ is to stay competitive against newer 19-22nm flash solutions. To this all I can say is I hope it ships at (or below) these prices.


Like the Vertex 450, the OCZ Vertex 460 line ships with a 3-Year warranty (@ 20GB/day). Those wanting 5-years (@ 50 GB/day) will have to go with the Vector 150.


We have seen no firmware issues with the Vertex 450, and considering the Vertex 460 is based on the same layout, we anticipate nothing significant here.

Final Thoughts:

Back when we reviewed the Vertex 450, I was happy to see OCZ's cost/GB finally coming down to expected levels. Despite this, the Vertex 450 didn't seem to take off. This may have been due to buyers shying away from a company on the verge of bankruptcy. With OCZ now backed by Toshiba, and armed with their flash memory, OCZ is able to solidify their future as well as introduce models at an even lower cost/GB. The Vertex 460 performed well in our testing and is launching at a very competitive cost, and that's exactly what is needed to gain back the trust of the community as well as the market share they once enjoyed.

Gold Awarded for OCZ's pursuit of lower cost/GB. With performance possibilities of SATA 6Gb/sec have been mostly capped out, it's good to see performance maintained on these smaller flash processes (and therefore lower costs).

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