The StarTech USB3SDOCKHDV generally works well; we experienced no quirks during our time testing the unit, and in fact, there aren’t really any functional drawbacks to it as compared to other USB 3.0 docks. That is, not apart from a higher input lag coming to external monitors and the expected CPU consumption that necessarily accompanies data compression (especially video). The total number of USB ports (3) is also a bit on the low side. Everything else is par for the course—which is to say, it works without much fuss.

Are there better docking stations out there for the price? That depends on what you need. For instance, many docking stations exist that hold input lag at or below 30 ms, which is a plus if you find yourself annoyed by that sort of thing or if you require very fast response time on connected external displays. You’ll also find a greater number of USB ports on most other comparable docks—up to 6, in fact; however, not a greater number of USB 3.0 ports. In other words, if you need to connect more devices in general but don’t care about USB 3.0 speeds, this probably isn’t the best dock for you.

If you’re cool with those minor drawbacks, however, the StarTech USB3SDOCKHDV handles the rest of the equation without a hitch. You can pick one up at Amazon today for around $125.

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