Included Accessories

Included Accessories

Cooler Master includes all mounting hardware and accessories required to install the cooler in your system, including fans, mounting hardware, and thermal compound.

The instruction sheet provided with the Glacer 240L gives you more than enough information to get the unit up and running for any supported processor. However, there is no information included on adding new cooling blocks to the unit, nor on draining and refilling the unit. While both are advanced DIY topics, I would expect some information on those topics to be included in a cooler's manual that touts itself as being an expandable solution.

Included with the Glacer 240L are standoffs, mounting arms, and a backplate for mounting the unit across all socket types. The unit comes with the Intel mounting arms and standoffs pre-installed to the block. The spare standoffs included are used for mounting to an Intel LGA2011-type socket, where the standoff is screwed directly into the LGA2011 back plate. The backplate included is used for the other supported Intel sockets (LGA775, LGA115X, and LGA1366). For AMD CPUs, you remove the standoffs from the Intel mount arms, attach the AMD mounts directly to the Intel mounts, and reattach the standoffs to the AMD mount arms. The standoffs screw directly into the AMD back plate. Cooler Master also packaged in eight fan screws for attached two additional fans to the rear side of the radiator, eight screws for mounting the radiator to your case panel, and thermal paste.

The metal back plate is used for mounting the block to an Intel LGA775, LGA115X, or LGA1366 socket only. The threaded holes slide to accommodate the different mounting hole dimensions for the support socket types. Plastic spacer rings sit on the top side of the bracket so that the back plate does not warp too much and to electrically isolate the metal plate from the board's surface.

Cooler Master used a screw-in type mounting mechanism for fixing the Glacer 240L's block in place on the board. The mount is not hard to use, but requires force on the back of the board to keep the base plate in place while initially screwing in the top standoffs. The mount shown is used for the Intel LGA775, LGA115X, or LGA1366 socket. For the LGA2011 socket, you would need to switch out the standoffs, while for an AMD socket, you would need to mount the AMD arms onto the block and replace the standoffs in the new mount arms.

The Intel mount plate rests securely on the socket under plate, minimizing the potential for contact with or crushing of any under-board components. The plastic spacers included around the top holes of the mount plate keep the ends of the arms off the board surface.

Cooler Master includes two of their 120mm Blade Master fans with the Glacer 240L, rated for run speed up to 2400 RPM with airflow pressure of 86 CFM. The fans are black plastic units with seven blades custom shaped to increase air pressure at lower run speeds. The fan power cable terminates in a 4-pin PWM connector with the individual cables glued together to prevent cable separation or damage during use. The fans are rated to run at 12V, drawing up to 0.37 amps of power when running at full speed.

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