Under the Hood

The Cooler Master V Series features a full-bridge LLC resonant topology on the primary side with synchronous rectification and DC-to-DC converters on the secondary.  The LLC resonant design allows for zero voltage switching, which dramatically lowers switching transistor losses to boost efficiency.  Seasonic is the OEM for the V Series.

The two primary capacitors are made by Nippon Chemi-Con and are rated for 330uF, 420V, and 105°C.  The secondary features both electrolytic and solid polymer caps also made by Nippon Chemi-Con; very nice.  Both the +3.3V and +5V DC-to-DC converters are mounted directly to the front modular DC connector board, eliminating more wiring and reducing current losses and boosting efficiency.

The overall layout, build quality and component selection appears to be excellent as we have come to expect from Seasonic.  

(Courtesy of Cooler Master)

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