Features and Cooler Design


Courtesy of Corsair

  • Copper microfin coldplate<li>
  • 25mm x 120mm radiator<li>
  • Dual high-torque 120mm PWM fans<li>
  • Broad Intel and AMD socket compatibility<li>
  • High quality ceramic bearing pump<li>
  • Tool free bracket installation<li>

The Hydro Series™ H75 liquid cooler in an all-in-one cooler with two 120mm fans sandwiching a 120mm aluminum radiator. The pump is integrated into top of the CPU water block, pulling liquid through the radiator and pushing it through the copper channels. The radiator and water block are connected by triple-walled rubber tubing with 1/4" inner and 3/8" outer diameter. Corsair bundled two 120mm fans in with the unit, rated for 2000RPM speed with seven blades.

The unit's radiator is a 120mm square by 25mm deep with an all aluminum construction and support for up to two fans in a push-pull configuration. The radiator's inlet and outlet barbs are at the its top. The radiator was designed with a fin density for 21 FPI (fins per inch), requiring the use of faster fans capable of pushing air through the radiator's fins.

From the side view of the radiator, the radiator's thickness is easily determined with it matching the thickness of a standard 120mm fan.

The H75's CPU water block is three-tiered unit, composed of a pump and copper base plate affixed to a center acrylic block. The pump and unit's electronics are housed directly under the top cap. The top cap contains a metal and plastic cover embossed with a Corsair logo. The 1/4" inlet and outlet barbs feed into the middle acrylic layer with the barbs having a full 360 degree rotation and a 90 degree angle to prevent tubing kink. The pump is powered through a 3-pin fan connector, powered via a fan header from the system board or from an adapter connected to the system PSU.

The aluminum mount fits to the block body by a series of 14 plastic pockets in a ring along the outside of the block. The mount plate slides up under the block bottom, fixing the metal tabs on the mount into the plastic holes in the side of the block. The mount plate locks in place by fitting the plastic mount ring to the bottom of the block using the four clips on the outside of the mount ring.

The CPU block is held together via two sets of screws through the base of the block. The outer set of screws hold the middle and top portions together, while the inner set of screws fix the copper block to the top of the block. The inner set of screws are counter-sunk directly into the copper plate to avoid mount contention between the block surface and the CPU surface. Corsair had the base plate machined flat and polished to a mirror finish for optimal mating between the block and CPU surfaces.

Courtesy of Asetek

When removed from the block body, the copper base plate is composed of a series of copper micro-channels with the liquid forced into the center of the channels, out through the sides, and leave the block.

Mounted to an ATX-based Z87-style board, the Hydro Series™ water block fits snugly into the socket area with more than adequate room around all sides of the block. The 90 degree bend in the inlet and outlet barbs ensure that the block fits in the socket mounting area without issue.

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