It had been far too long since I last laid hands on an EVGA card for review.  Back in the day EVGA stuck to reference designs and offered products at a reasonable price.  They did not have the following they do today, but back then they really started to push the community aspect.  Now some eight years later they are designing non-reference cards and have reaped the benefits of community outreach.

The GTX 780 ACX turned out to be a fantastic card.  Yes, it pulls more power than the other cards in this roundup, but obviously none of them were able to match the performance.  The card retails for $519, which is right around MSRP from NVIDIA these days.  The extra money is due to the superior cooling that it exhibits, as well as the utility of the dual BIOS setup.  The card was not overclocked out of the box, but it still could scale up in speed through boost well above the rated MHz.

No flimsy cardboard to protect this card!  Sometimes it is a bit of a chore to get the card out of the clamshell the first time.  I always fear that I will break something off… but I never have so far!

The add-in pack is second to none.  The poster is pretty funny, and I am sure that quite a few users will pass on actually hanging it up in their computer room.  It is a bit cheesy, but fun nonetheless.  As of this writing, there are three free games included with the card (Deadfall Adventures, Painkiller, and Rise of the Triad).  This may change over time, but expect some kind of pack in as both AMD and NVIDIA will utilize free games to move cards.  The box design protects the card very well during shipping.  We do not see as many plastic clamshells of this nature anymore, so it is a plus from EVGA.

Gameplay on the card is fantastic.  It can handle high resolutions in most titles without a problem.  NVIDIA Surround support is very good and a single GTX 780 can play games at those resolutions without sacrificing image quality to any great degree.  Two of these cards together will make any gaming experience seamless.  With the run on AMD R9 series of cards for cryptocurrency reasons, the GTX 780 is probably the best overall high-end gaming card deal out there.  Not everyone can afford a $500 card, but for a user who can and will game at high resolutions and quality settings, it really hits the sweet spot for price/performance.

Remember that poster I mentioned?  Game of Pwns?  I threatened my wife that I would hang it in our living room.  She was less than amused.

EVGA makes a good product.  The cooling on it is fantastic.  It is not overpriced as compared to the rest of the offerings around the market, and it is decidedly cheaper than the R9 290 cards that are in short supply at MSRP.  The overclocking performance and ability are above average.  I honestly cannot find anything really wrong this product, even after much poking and prodding.  It is just a good, solid card that hits its price point very effectively.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast card that can handle multi-monitor resolutions with high quality settings.  Oh, and SLI and Surround work without a problem with pretty much every modern DX9 and DX11 title out there.

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