Introduction, Specifications and Packaging

ADATA launches new line of Marvell-based SSDs


ADATA has been in the storage market for a good while now. I like to think of them as the patient underdog. They don't necessarily come out with the shiny new controller or flash technology. Instead they tend to sit back and wait for a given set of hardware to mature and drop in price a bit. Once that happens, they figure out how to package the matured technology into a device of relatively low cost as compared to the competition. They have done so again today, with their new Premier Pro SP920 lineup:

As hinted at earlier, this line does not use the newest Marvell controller, but as Marvell controllers have been very capable SATA 6Gb/sec units for a long time now, that is not necessarily a bad thing. In addition, Marvell controllers have a track record of gaining significant performance margins as their firmware matures, which makes ADATA's later entrance more of a good thing.

Continue reading for the full scoop and performance benchmarks of all available capacities!!


Straight from the ADATA spec sheet:

…and a bit more detail on the performance spread among capacities – fitting as we are testing all of these capacities today:


These drives come nicely packaged, with 3.5" bracket, free downloadable Acronis migration / cloning software, quick start guide, screws, and even a 7mm – 9.5mm spacer plate used to prevent excessive motion within larger close-fit mobile SATA bays.

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