Yapt (yet another performance test) is a benchmark recommended by a pair of drive manufacturers and was incredibly difficult to locate as it hasn't been updated or used in quite some time.  That doesn't make it irrelevant by any means though, as the benchmark is quite useful.  It creates a test file of about 100 MB in size and runs both random and sequential read and write tests with it while changing the data I/O size in the process.  The results are a good look at overall drive performance.

Starting at the bottom, sequential write spread plainly points out the write speed tiers of the bottom half capacities of the SP920. Reads are looking good for both sequential and random. Random writes never play well with SSDs on this test, as they may not be 4k aligned, and that effects various SSDs in various ways, as noted by the Intel SSD 730 taking an unexpected (and unrepresentative of real performance) nose dive. Lesson: ensure you align your SSD partitions or bad things happen.

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