Results: Sandra 2014 SP1

Sandra is a nice way to get the theoretical performance out of the way.  We test basic CPU performance, multimedia performance, memory performance, and file system performance (since that SOC integrates that functionality).

I think these results are fairly interesting.  For a APU that consumes as little power as it does (a quarter of the A10 6970K), it performs much closer to the larger part than I expected.  There are a couple of places where it does fall behind a bit more, but that is primarily due to the single channel memory controller and a smaller amount of available memory.

In the file system tests (albeit with a fairly slow HD), the integrated I/O unit on Kabini performs right up there with the A88X chipset.  The A88X does offer more SATA 6G and USB 3.0 ports, but for basic I/O performance there does not seem to be any glaring issues.  I highly doubt many Athlon 5350 based systems will come bundled with a SSD…

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