Results: TrueCrypt AES, 7-Zip, and Cinebench R15

TrueCrypt AES

The latest APUs all support hardware AES acceleration and this application is able to benchmark how effectively these units run.  AES is enable and disabled for testing.

The 5350 again acquits itself well against the higher TDP part based on the Piledriver architecture.  Remember… 25 watts vs. 100 watts.



This file compression/extraction program has a handy benchmark routine that can push from 1 to 8 threads.  File extraction and compression is very, very common with any kind of desktop usage.

The 5350 falls just shy of 50% of the performance of the 6790K throughout testing.  It is somewhat disappointing, but we must again consider that it is still ¼ of the TDP of the 6790K.  The results are not bad, but the user can feel the difference in performance when compressing and extraction zip and rar files.


Cinebench R15

It is highly doubtful that a 5350 user will be using Maxon Cinema 4D on their machine, but stranger things have happened.

The results are… not terrible.  We again see the lower TDP part stay in the 50% range in terms of performance.  If there is a bright side, it is that the unshared floating point units in Jaguar show a nearly quadrupling in performance from a single thread.  That is something that the shared module architecture of Trinity/Piledrive cannot do.

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