Workstation Series Motherboards

The ASUS Workstation series focuses on designing motherboards for use by high-end graphics professionals who need stable and high-performance boards with enhanced graphics capabilities. The new revision boards in the Workstation line have a built-in PLX chip for up to 4 x x8 PCI-Express x16 video card support. Additionally, ASUS enhanced the Dr Power functionality featuring 4 micro-second polling of monitored device with on-board analog to digital conversion hardware. The boards also have built-in Thunderbolt port support and feature a 4-digit diagnostic LED for enhanced system initialization troubleshooting.

Notable Workstation series board features include

  • Japanese-sourced capacitors rated at 12k hours at 105C operating temperatures
  • Updated fan headers supporting 1 amp power draw per header
  • XMP switch for auto-load of memory XMP specifications without need to access the BIOS
  • Dr Power featuring analog to digital signal converter for a 4 micro-second response time
  • Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Thunderbolt 2 port and on-board header
  • 4-digit Q-Code diagnostic LED display
  • PLX chipset allows for x8 bandwidth across up to four PCI Express x16 slots

Z97-WS motherboard
Courtesy of ASUS

Z97-WS motherboard, profile view
Courtesy of ASUS

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