A Detailed Look

The Corsair AX1500i Digital power supply enclosure is painted matte black with white and red labeling. The chassis measures a full 225mm (8.9”) deep, which makes it one of the largest SMPSs we have seen to date.  The AX1500i uses a single 140mm Corsair labeled fan on the bottom for cooling that incorporates fluid dynamic bearings (probably Protechnic or Hong Hua).  The fan speed is automatically controlled via PWM by the internal component temperature (optionally configured through the Corsair Link software). However the fan doesn’t start spinning until the PSU reaches ~30% load (450W) depending on the ambient temperature.  Up until that point the AX1500i is virtually silent.

The fan blades were designed by Corsair to maximize airflow and minimize noise. The fan is rated for up to 1,800 rpm and 0.22A (2.6 watts) at 12 VDC.

The back panel includes an On-Off switch and heavy duty AC receptacle along with an open honeycomb grill that allows the exhaust air to exit the power supply with minimal resistance and turbulence.

The front panel incorporates eighteen modular cable connectors, all nicely labeled. The six 6-pin connectors on the left are for the peripheral cables and there are ten 8-pin connectors on the right for PCI-E and CPU cables. The 24-pin mobo cable uses two connectors.  The two Comm Port connectors are where one of the Corsair Link cables plug in. Also note the Self-Test push-button and LED indicators in the upper left corner.

The Corsair AX1500i Digital power supply comes with a large assortment of all modular, cables and connectors.  The cables are all a flat ribbon-style and black to help facilitate installation with a clean look.  

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