Corsair Link Monitoring and Control Software

The digital design of the AX1500i allows for a full suite of telemetry to be communicated from the AX1500i to the PC over USB or a Corsair Link Commander Unit (sold separately). After downloading and installing the free Corsair Link software, you can monitor a large range of performance variables, including power input and output, efficiency, fan speed, and internal temperature. You can also configure and customize some features, including selecting fan speed modes, select between single-rail or multi-rail modes for the +12V outputs, and apply selectable OCP trip points if desired.

Two interface cables are included with the AX1500i: A Corsair Link USB cable, which allows connecting the AX1500i Digital PSU to an internal USB header on the PC’s motherboard, or alternately, the Digital Interface cable, which can be used to connect the PSU via a Corsair Link Commander. We used the USB interface for testing.

After downloading the latest software from the Corsair website (version 2.6.5214) we installed the Corsair Link software on one of our test PCs running Windows 7.  Note: Corsair Link does not work in Windows XP environments.

Once installed and running, you will be presented with the Corsair Link dashboard, which features tabs across the top for navigation to different screens. The System Tab is shown in the screenshot above. Not only does Corsair Link gather and display info about the AX1500i PSU, it also grabs data from other components inside your PC. All the various component parameters (speed, temperature, load, etc.) start out listed down the left hand side (graphics adapter, CPU, motherboard, HDDs, etc.). You can drag and position each component to its relative position on the large graphic of a case. Corsair includes several of their case layouts to choose from our you can insert a custom graphic of your own case if you like.

Selecting the Power Tab takes you to the screen that displays all the AX1500i data and allows making adjustments to fan speed and OCP on the different PCI-E outputs. In this screenshot you will notice the AX1500i is operating at 92.6% efficiency while delivering 652 watts of DC power out. The AX1500i’s internal temperature is 25.4°C and the cooling fan is spinning at a very quiet 283 rpm.

Clicking on the Graph Tab displays a Temperature and RPM graph. You can select as many of your PC’s component devices to track here as you like (fan and water-cooling pump speeds, and numerous component temperatures).

Note: Many other Corsair products also support the Link technology (memory modules, water cooling, case cooling fans and lighting subsystems, GPU Node for monitoring PCI-E current loads, etc.).

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