Overclocking Series

The GIGABYTE Overclocking Series motherboards are designed from the ground up for the elite of the enthusiast community, those crazy guys that won't take no for an answer when pushing a board to its performance limits. GIGABYTE continues with their matte black and orange color scheme with this board series, tweaking the board names to sychronize with their video card-base Overclocking Series products. Notice how the boards in this series are now named "SOC" rather than "OC", which stands for "Super OverClock". The board heat sinks have to updated for better cooling potential as well.

Notable Overclocking Series board features include

  • 4-way AMD X-Fire and dual-card NVIDIA SLI support
  • OC DIMM switch bank to enable/disable individual DIMM slots
  • OC PCIe switch bank to enable/disable individual PCIe slots/lanes
  • Real-time application of overclocking settings in BIOS
  • OC Connect USB blocks located by SATA port block for access to USB ports from front of board
  • Redesigned top mounted memory banks for increased stability while overclocking

Z97X-SOC Force motherboard

Z97X-SOC motherboard

Z97X-SOC Force and Z97X-SOC motherboards side-by-side

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