Normal Series

The GIGABYTE Normal Series motherboard are designed to appeal to the mainstream enthusiasts and computer builders. Don't take this to mean that these boards are in any way inferior to their Gaming or Overclocking Series brethren. GIGABYTE has integrated features from those other series into the Normal Series boards as well, for better board stability and overclocking performance. The Normal Series boards feature a matte black PCB with gold-chromed heat sinks.

Notable Normal Series board features include

  • Dual NICs on select models, both Killer-branded and Intel-based NICs
  • Enhanced overclocking features integrated into BIOS
  • Support for up to six fans via integrated fan headers
  • Enhanced BIOS for multi-language support and more user-friendly Startup options screen
  • OC Connect USB blocks located by SATA port block for access to USB ports from front of board
  • Enhanced GIGABYTE App Center with all GIGABYTE utilities integrated, including a redesigned EZ Tune and System Information applets

Z97X-UD5H motherboard

Z97X-UD3H motherboard

Z97N-WIFI motherboard

H97N-WIFI motherboard

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