A Closer Look and Installation

The closed loop

The Seidon 120V is a Cooler Master design, and is positioned as a price/performance leader with their AIO liquid coolers. Hard to argue on the price part! The aluminum radiator is fairly dense at 21 fins per inch (FPI), and is 27mm thick.

The pump is quite large on the 120V, and the rectangular copper surface of the waterblock is nicely finished.

The fan is PWM model from Cooler Master, and has a nicely sleeved cable. It can spin up to 2400RPM, so it will be interesting to see how much heat dissipation might be possible from this small cooler.


The included hardware kit provides a tool-free installation, and this works as advertised. The rear bracket is a universal AMD/Intel design, and it includes plastic clips which serve two purposes. First, they hold the mounting screws in place on the bracket:

And they also provide insulation against the back of the motherboard.

The thumbscrews provided are pretty small, but it was not an issue during any of the installs as the cooler always felt very firmly attached. A solid connection to the processor was easily made on each test platform.

With the cooler installed, let's check out today's competition.

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