A Closer Look

The IN WIN 901 is all aluminum and tinted glass…at least on the outside.

A large section on the back can be removed with four thumbscrews, revealing what would typically be the back of the case with the motherboard I/O and fan cutouts.

The bottom of the case has large rubber feet that keep the it from slipping and make it feel quite stable.

The front I/O is actually on the side. It features USB 3.0 and the usual analog audio ports along with the power button.

The tinted glass side panels are very easy to remove with four low profile thumbscrews each, and the glass is protected by soft covers on each of the metal standoffs.


I'll pause here for a moment to talk about the quality of the case. It's exceptionally high.  The glass has no apparent defects, and it’s nicely finished with smooth, slightly rounded edges. The aluminum outer frame feels very stable and is free of surface defects. The first impression of this case might be all about looks, but it has solid construction to back it up.

The contruction remains impressive once we look inside!

Interior Layout

The inside of the case is set up with compartments for the different component groups, and there’s a decent amount of space behind the board so it should be pretty easy to manage cable clutter.

Next we'll go through a build and check out the rest of the 901's features.

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