Building the System: Power, Graphics, and Storage


The ATX power supply is mounted under the motherboard in its own compartment.

I used a Corsair CX750M, a fairly short semi-modular PSU so there was plenty of room behind it to organize things. However, the 901 actually allows installation of up to 200mm PSU's. With the shorter PSU installed the compartment allows space for the inevitable cord mess when not going with a fully modular solution.

Graphics Card

Being the size of a micro-ATX case has its advantages for the 901, and among those is support for long graphics cards.

This GTX 770 fits with a lot of room to spare

If you use a graphics card like this GTX 770 which has the power connectors facing outward, the power cables might be a little tricky to squeeze before the glass panel goes back on the side, but the CX750M uses flat cables so this part was easy. I just bent them over until I fashioned a crude right-angle with the connectors.

Hard Drives

The storage options are good compared to other mini-ITX cases, and here’s another example of what can be done with a larger ITX design.

There are dual 3.5” hot-swap bays which are cabled for data and power.

The bays have metal sleds which accommodate both 3.5” and 2.5” drives, and installation couldn't be easier.

Next up we'll continue our look at storage with the SSD mounting options in the 901.

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