Building the System: The SFX Power Supply

A tale of two power supplies… (Spoiler: the one on the left is smaller)

So we’ve seen a rough build with a full ATX power supply, and it does work if you’re willing to accept the limitations. But this case was designed primarily for a SFF-specific power supply, and the SilverStone ST45SF-G PSU is particularly well-suited here (along with the optional PP05-E short cable set). This adds a hefty $120 to the build cost, but if you’re going all-out with a larger graphics card and 240mm liquid CPU cooler, this expensive power supply setup might make sense.

The installation with the pint-sized SFX PSU allows for a lot of extra space of course, and provides much more flexibility inside the M1.

There is now room for even full-length graphics cards (though I finished this build with the short R7 260X card).

We can now install a 240mm radiator, since the ATX power supply was blocking this before.

One advantage of the particular SFF power supply chosen – the SilverStone ST45SF-G is fully modular so there aren’t any extraneous cables to manage (though I'm still not winning any prizes for my work in this area).

The system build is less crammed even with the 240mm Corsair H100 cooler installed.

Next up we'll look at available storage options now that the ATX power supply isn't in the way.

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