Building the System: Storage Options

Storage Drives

The case floor provides mounting options for 2.5” and 3.5” drives, but only one at a time. Here we see a 3.5" drive on the bottom, and it's mounted on rubber washers to reduce vibration:

Looking elsewhere there are actually mounts for an additional 2.5" drive on the inside of the case front.

There is a small tray that can be removed to allow proper installation

Why would this drive need to be mounted on a bracket? The slight gap created by the mount allows for a second 2.5" drive to be mounted on the surface up front as well, without interfering with the screws securing the other drive.

Storage options change considerably if the build is made without a double-width radiator. Now the hard drive cage can be employed on the side bracket. It holds two 3.5" drives, again with rubber washers.

And this attaches securely to the frame, still allowing a 120mm fan or AIO cooler to be mounted next to the drive cage.

The storage options with the M1 are impressive for the enclosure's size, but are dependent on the other choices made. (Seems like mini-ITX always involves tradeoffs, doesn't it?)

Optical Drives

There is support for a standard slot-load notebook optical drive via a bracket on the front of the case.

This is cleverly hidden by the front panel, and the slot for discs is neatly integrated into the top panel.

I typically don't use optical drives these days, but the option and implementation are good things here.

Next we'll look at fan options and see how this build performed in temperature testing.

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