Initial Setup and Control Panel

Thecus promises a quick setup out of the box with the N2310, and that's exactly what I experienced.

Removal of the drive bay sleds is easy with spring-loaded closures

The drives are securely mounted to the sleds with three screws on each side

A look inside with the drives removed

After installing a pair of 2TB WD Red drives and powering up the NAS for the first time I installed the Thecus software in Windows and ran the first-time setup, which took about 5 minutes to complete.

After creating the RAID (I chose RAID-1) it then prompted for the creation of a Thecus ID. This isn't mandatory but will be required to set up remote access to the NAS using the Thecus DDNS service.

Creation of the ID was simple enough, requiring an email address to send a verification, and after that I was all set with my “Thecus Link” account. This is all you should need to access the NAS remotely through the "T-OnTheGo" app for Android and iOS, as well, and we’ll check out the mobile app later on.

The NAS shows up in the Network folder and can be accessed without any further setup by using the default login provided by Thecus (user:admin, pw:admin).

Administration of the NAS is handled through a browser-based dashboard (located at the N2310's IP address on your network), and this provides access to everything the N2310 is capable of. (By default it’s using the same “admin/admin” login.)

Once logged in you'll see the "Shared Folder" and "RAID" links, and there is a small icon for the Control Panel up in the top left. The first two are self-explanitory, as they give options for editing or creating new folders on the NAS as well as checking the status of the RAID, or creating a new array.

We'll look more closely at the Control Panel here.

There are quite a few options, so here is an expanded view:

That's … a lot of options. This really is a small server, and there are even more options available through 3rd party apps. We'll take a look at some of the N2310's added features on the next page.

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