Backup Software, Performance, and Final Thoughts

Thecus Backup Utility

The included backup software installs quickly and we are presented with a few options. In addition to one-time backups, there are backup tasks that can scheduled.

After selecting “Add” you’re given the option to name the task, and then choose origin and destination folders for the backup.

Next you’ll select the schedule for the backup task, and once you’ve done this there a couple of additional screens for refining the backup. Then you will view a final summary before finalizing, which allows the task to be performed immediately as well.

That’s it! Schedule as many of these tasks as you like and you can keep everything safely backed up to a RAID-1 configuration like this one.

One note here on the subject of backup, the USB ports on the back of the N2310 are intended only to allow backups from the NAS to be made to connected USB drives and CD/DVD burners. They do not support additional storage or file transfers over the network.


I won’t present any formal benchmarks here, but for an idea of how the N2310 performed I did some file transfers to and from a PC using an onboard Intel NIC, and through a fast router (the Linksys WRT1900AC):

Reads speeds on a large file transfer

Write speeds back to the NAS

Here we see performance consistent with the advertised performance of the device. Sequential reads were over 100MB/s, and sequential writes were very close to 80MB/s.

So how much noise does it generate? During my use of the NAS the rear fan never became noticably loud, and with my digital sound level meter a foot away from the N2310 I measured noise only 3db over ambient (though it does little to reduce the sounds of hard drive activity).

Final Thoughts

At the most essential level of a networked storage drive, the N2310 performed flawlessly. It was easy to create a storage array and the NAS ran reliably during the three weeks I ran it at home. Between multiple PC's and a couple of MacBooks it was always available on the network. I never had to restart it, and it was inaudible over the computer in the room with only the drive access sounds noticeable during use.

With the N2310 Thecus has produced an affordable NAS that does what it's designed to do very well. The extras like the Transmission bit torrent client and iTunes server work well, and the ability to easily connect and view content from mobile is very interesting (if it works for you).


  • Easy setup
  • Reliable operation
  • Additional apps enhance value
  • iTunes server option works perfectly
  • It’s a self-contained bit torrent machine!

Minor Weaknesses

  • Interface might require more advanced users
  • Mobile app only stable on iOS during testing

Overall the Thecus N2310 NAS Server is an excellent performer, a great value, and offers a lot of functionality. This review barely touched on the many options and applications available, and the possibilites are seemingly endless. The best part? All of this comes at just $149 for the unit without hard drives, and this makes the prospect of experimenting with all of this potential that much more tempting.

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