A Detailed Look – From the Outside

The Cooler Master Elite 110 mini-ITX case features a scratch resistant, black matte finish inside and out, which gives the case a simple but very attractive look. The Cooler Master logo at the bottom of the front panel is the On/Off switch and lights up blue when the computer turns on. The front bezel and mesh grille are plastic while the rest of the case is steel.  The riveted chassis is both lightweight and sturdy.  

(Left Side)

The external I/O panel is located on the left side of the front bezel and includes:
•    (2) USB 3.0 ports
•    Mic In
•    Headphones Out
•    HDD activity LED
•    Reset button

Both side panels have vent openings along the bottom half and the top of the case also includes vent openings in the rear.

(Right Side)

(Top of Case)

The back of the Elite 110 case features an opening at the bottom for the mini-ITX mobo, two expansion card slots, vent openings, and an extended opening for an ATX power supply.

The bottom of the Elite 110 case features four plastic feet and an opening that allows pulling the front bezel loose from the case. Unfortunately this opening also lets some air bypass the front intake grill, potentially allowing dust to get sucked in over time.

The top and sides of the enclosure are made up of one removable piece of sheet metal, which is held in place by four thumb screws. Once the screws are taken out the top/side piece cover easily slides back and lifts off.

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