Introduction, Specifications and Packaging

Micron 16nm Flash hits the market in this new Crucial SSD


Back in July of last year, Micron announced production of 16nm flash memory. These were the same 128gbit dies as the previous gen parts, but 16nm means the dies are smaller, meaning more dies from a single wafer, ultimately translating to lower end user cost.

It takes a bit of time for those new flash die shrinks to trickle into mainstream products. Early yields from a given shrink tend to not have competitive endurance on initial production. As production continues, the process gets tweaked, resulting in greater and longer enduring yields.

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From our Crucial press briefing:

…and here's another slide showing how the MX100 steps in place of the older M500, and sits as a consumer upgrade option along side the more enthusiast M550 line.


Standard packaging, free downloadable Acronis migration / cloning software, and a 7mm – 9.5mm spacer plate used to prevent excessive motion within larger close-fit mobile SATA bays.

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