Bundled Applications

Included Applications

  • EVGA E-LEET Tuning Utility X
  • Lucid VIRTU Pro MVP 2.0
  • Intel® Rapid Start Technology
  • Intel® Smart Connect Technology
  • Intel® Smart Response Technology

EVGA includes a minimal amount of extraneous software on the driver CD, little more than their branded Windows performance and monitoring tool and driver applications.


The EVGA E-LEET Tuning Utility X applet is a re-skinned version of the CPU-Z applet with EVGA branding and additional performance-related tabs. The applet gives user access to both board information, voltage, and performance settings. EVGA even includes the ability to load and save settings profiles from with the Options tab of the applet. A Capture Screen button is available at the bottom of all tabs, automating taking a full sized capture across all active monitors and saving to a bitmap file in the applet's base directory (normally C:Program Files (x86)EVGAELeetX).

Mainboard information page

Memory information page

Monitoring information page

Monitoring2 voltage monitoring information page

Overclocking bus and CPU ratio settings page

Voltages settings page

Processes affinity settings page

Options profile settings page

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