Results: 3D Mark 2011

Though not the latest version of 3D Mark, 2011 does a nice job with these APUs.  It is well optimized in drivers, so it should show off the best theoretical performance of the graphics portion of these chips.  Now we get to see how much of a difference two different boards make on the same APU, as well as how much more powerful the new graphics portion of the 7850K is over the still pretty quick 6800K.

The board makes absolutely no difference with the 6800K.  The 7850K makes short work of the older graphics portion of the 6800K.  The only place the 6800K takes a win is in the pure Physics Test which stresses the CPU portion of the APU.  Kaveri can only clock to 3.9 GHz while the 6800K can go all the way to 4.4 GHz under boost.  That 500 MHz negates any architectural/per clock advantages of the new Steamroller architecture.

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