Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Proven hybrid tech in a desktop form factor, available in capacities up to 4TB.


  • 8GB cache is proving insufficient for all but the mildest desktop usage scenarios.

Pricing and Availability:

Here's a current snapshot of Seagate Desktop SSHD pricing (quoted prices are Amazon, as Newegg is currently running at ~10% higher cost):

These prices are great for a hybrid solution, but consider that other 4TB models are running at $147 ($0.037/GB) (Seagate / Western Digital). Given the $30 price difference at the max capacity, it might be worth putting that saved $30 towards a small SSD (<=64GB) to be used with Intel SRT caching instead.


Seagate SSHD's (desktop as well as mobile) ship with a 3-Year warranty.

Final Thoughts:

Seagate has pushed their hybrid tech much further with their line of Desktop SSHD's. These have good performance as an HDD, and cached data gets a nice performance boost, more closely matching the performance of an SSD. The original SSHD's were 2.5" units targeted at laptop upgrades, and for those applications, the 8GB cache was mostly sufficient. Seagate has unfortunately chosen to stick with the same cache size in these much larger desktop class capacities of up to 4TB. Such a small cache size becomes very limiting in heavier desktop usage, and we saw many scenarios where data frequently rolled out of the cache, limiting the time savings seen in actual use.

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