A Detailed Look

The SilverStone Nightjar 520W fanless power supply enclosure features a bright silver finish and measures 160mm (6.3”) deep. The back panel includes a power receptacle and master On-Off switch.  

The NJ520 incorporates ten nicely labeled sockets on the front panel for connecting all the modular cables.

Note the warning printed across the top of the front panel: “Warning Top side must be installed facing up!” As we mentioned earlier, the NJ520 relies on convection cooling to dissipate waste heat. Warm air must be able to flow out the open top grill and at the same time draw cool air in through the side and back grill openings to cool the internal PSU components.

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

The NJ520 comes with a good assortment of all modular cables as outlined in the table above.  All of the cables except the 24-pin ATX power cable are the flat, ribbon-style cables. Note: SilverStone’s literature lists the NJ520 coming with two 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors, but our review unit arrived with four (two PCI-E cables, each with two 6+2 pin connectors attached). Our friends at SilverStone told us the literature and website will be updated to reflect four PCI-E connectors.

For this new build, SilverStone is using Seasonic as the OEM for the Nighjar 520W fanless power supply. The NJ520 appears virtually identical to Seasonic’s own Platinum Series Fanless 520W power supply. We have always been impressed with Seasonic PSUs, so this bodes very well for the new SilverStone NJ520.

The NJ520 uses a modern design that incorporates a full-bridge topology and LLC resonant controller on the primary for increased efficiency. The secondary side uses a synchronous design with two DC-to-DC converters (+3.3V and +5V) located on the modular connector board. Many of the components used in the NJ520 are oversized or have a higher capacity than you would expect to see in a 520W power supply. This appears to be part of a sound strategy for building a fanless power supply with excellent performance and reliability.

The heatsinks used inside the NJ520 are larger than usual to help dissipate heat via passive, convection cooling.

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