Synthetic Benchmark Results

I added some synthetic benchmarks to help account for the fact that I only tested three recent games. Perhaps the numbers here might help answer a few questions from the game benchmarks.

Unigine Valley

First we have Unigine Valley, run with low detail setting and no AA.

Things were fairly linear here with the exception of the X2 340X results from the GTX 750 and 750 Ti. At just over 37 FPS the cards hit a brick wall with the weaker dual-core X2 340X, though this CPU bested than the Athlon 5350 in this test. Valley seems to rely a lot on single-threaded performance.

The R7 250 continues to demonstrate that it’s not really meant for 1080p, once again occupying all four of the bottom results.

3DMark 11

Very linear results, as expected, and at the top the Athlon X4 760K justifies its (relatively) higher price tag by producing the only 5000+ scores here, with the 750 Ti and R7 260X. Down in the middle of the pack we see good results with all GPU/CPU combos – except for the R7 250.

3DMark Fire Strike

This modern test from the latest 3DMark suite is much harder on systems, so I didn’t expect to see big scores here.

Not surprisingly the most expensive CPU/GPU combo ended up on top. But a look at some of the other scores show some interesting results from the AM1 platform, with good numbers from the 5350 R7 260X combo in particular.

Once again the R7 250 was dead last with every CPU. (Why did I choose this GPU again?)

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