Crysis 3

Crysis 3 (DirectX 11)


Master the power of the Nanosuit. Armor, Speed, Strength and the ability to cloak are the ingredients of the most effective tactical combat armor ever created. Suit up! It's all yours in Crysis 3.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Z Review - Graphics Cards 27

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Z Review - Graphics Cards 28


Crysis 3 is still the most demanding game in our test suite and it shows here. Even at 2560×1440 we see frame rates only get to 52 FPS on average with the R9 295X2 and only to 42 FPS with the GTX Titan Z. That puts the dual-GPU NVIDIA Card at a 23% disadvantage to the dual-GPU AMD card. The GTX 780 Ti SLI config runs at 48 FPS or so, 8% slower than the R9 295X2.


At 4K, things get even more difficult for the GPUs running Crysis 3 at Very High quality settings. The Radeon R9 295X2 runs at an average frame rate of 27.5 FPS, the GTX 780 Ti SLI cards hit 23.5 FPS and the GTX Titan Z runs at just over 20 FPS. That gives the AMD hardware an edge of 17% over the GTX 780 Ti cards and a 35% gain over the Titan Z.

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