A Detailed Look – From the Outside

Right out of the box, the first thing that struck us was how attractive the 760T enclosure is. The Arctic White version is an elegantly sculpted case with a beautiful blend of gloss white and black surfaces. The white LED intake fans and smoked grey side window add subtle details to enhance the overall look of this case.

The dual swing-out side panel doors are another major feature of the 760T case. Both doors incorporate latches that operate easily and hold the side doors securely closed. When the doors are in the open position they can be lifted of their hinges so they are not in the way when working inside the case.   

The lower section of the front panel is dominated by a large grill area. The two front intake fans incorporate white LEDs, which create a nice pattern of light that shines thru the front grill when the PC is powered on. Pressing the top edge of the grill releases two latches and the grill can then be lifted out for cleaning.

Three external 5.25” drive bays are located towards the top of the front panel. The top bay is fitted with a hinged door stealth cover while the two lower bays use standard pop-out covers.

The external I/O panel is located across the top edge of the front panel and includes:
•    Headphones Out
•    Microphone In
•    Fan Speed button (toggles between Quiet and Performance modes)
•    (2) USB 2.0 ports
•    (2) USB 3.0 ports
•    Reset button
•    Power On button

The front bezel can be removed to gain access to the front intake fans by releasing four plastic tab latches on either side (on the inside behind the bezel).

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