A Detailed Look – From the Outside (Cont’d)

The right side panel door is solid and finished in a high gloss black and white.

The top panel features a removable plate that covers the top fan openings.  The plastic plate is held in place with magnets and easily removed by just lifting it off.

Pre-drilled locations are provided for up to three fans (3x120mm or 3x140mm).

Looking around at the back of the 760T Full-Tower case reveals an opening at the bottom for a standard ATX power supply. Nine expansion slots dominate the central section with a Corsair AF140L exhaust fan located towards the top. You can optionally install a 120mm fan/radiator in this location if desired. Notice the door hinges at the top and bottom of both sides.

The two knock-outs on the right side of the back panel are for use with an external water-cooling system; routing hoses and cables in and out of the chassis. While granted, this feature may rarely be used; it is a rather poor implementation – removing the knock-outs will leave sharp metal edges behind. We would prefer to see openings provided with rubber grommets.

The bottom of the 760T Full-Tower case features two modern sculpted feet with four rubber foot pads. The large vent opening underneath the power supply area is fitted with a nice dust filter that easily slides in and out for cleaning.

Another optional fan location is provided in the middle of the bottom panel that can be used to mount an optional 120mm fan (requires removing one of the modular 3.5” drive bays).

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