Installation: Power Supply and ODDs

Power Supply

The Corsair Graphite Series 760T Full-Tower case is designed to mount a standard, full size ATX power supply in the back lower corner of the chassis. The PSU slides in from inside the case and is held in place with four machine screws at the back. The PSU sits securely on a metal bracket but no rubber pad or other vibration isolation is provided.

(Corsair 650W PSU, 140mm deep)

If you are using a relatively small PSU (not likely in this case) you won’t have to remove the rear 3.5” modular drive bay (but you may want to anyway). However if you are using a physically larger PSU (180mm ~200mm+) you will most likely want to remove the rear drive cage to make added room for PSU cables.

(1250W PSU, 190mm deep)

5.25” External Drive Bays

The 760T enclosure provides three 5.25” external drive bays at the top of the front panel. The top drive bay comes with a hinged-door stealth cover while the lower two bays use standard solid bay covers.

Each 5.25” drive bay incorporates tool-free latching mechanism; just release the latch, slide the drive/device into position from the front, and then close the latch to secure the drive/device.

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