Results: HD Tach- USB 3.0

The Samsung 840 Pro was used in the Sharkoon USB 3.0 dock for this particular test.  The A85X and A88X both have native USB 3.0 controllers, unlike the older AM3+ chipset which had to use a 3rd party chip for that functionality.  This unit is licensed from NEC/Renesas.  I also test the VIA USB 3.0 on the MSI board here.

While the burst speeds are identical, the VIA controller walks away from the AMD controller in average, max, and min.  The only downside to this is… CPU usage!  The VIA controller uses a ton of CPU time for this performance.  This could improve in the future with later driver revisions, but for the time being if the user wants the faster speeds, they will have to deal with a higher CPU utilization.

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