Results: Cinebench 11.5 and 7-Zip

Cinebench 11.5

AMD always cringes when we bring up the Cinebench tests.  Kaveri just does not fare well under them.  Still, this is a benchmark that stresses the CPU and memory portions of any APU.

We see a little separation here.  For one reason or the other, the MSI board allowed the Kaveri A10-7850K to stay in a boost mode for longer.  This allows the 7850K to finish the benchmark just slightly faster than what that same chip can do on the Gigabyte board.



This nice little program has a handy benchmark included that scales very nicely with core count.

We see the same type of results with 7-ZIP as we do with Cinebench.  Under load the 7850K stays in a boost mode longer on the MSI board.  The biggest gains are at the lower thread count.  Once we utilize both modules with four threads, then the difference in performance shrinks between the boards.

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