This is normally the evening that the PC Perspective staff starts its annual tradition of walking around a Dallas hotel looking at PC cases and marveling at the creativity and curiosity of so many gamers willing to sit in the same room with each other and game for four days. LAN parties are an amazing thing and I will miss this event dearly.

I will also miss running the PC Perspective Hardware Workshop! I know that a lot of you love the event and the massive amount of hardware that we hand out; we're sorry we couldn't do it this year but some other things had to take priority.

But how about another little contest for everyone?

#WhereIsPCPer Quakecon Contest

If you are reading this, then I assume you found my "stand in" floating around the show floor or the BYOC at Quakecon 2015. Or maybe someone just told you the URL. That's fine, we're all friends here, right?

Enter the contest in as many ways as you want and we'll pick one winner for each piece of hardware on the Monday after Quakecon completes. I know it's not the same as the workshop, but at least it is something to show our appreciation for the guys and gals that keep PCPer running year after year.

Be sure to share a note with us on Twitter using #WhereIsPCPer and let us know where you found "me"?

Thanks to EVGA and to NVIDIA for supplying the prizes for this! Have fun this weekend!