Dashboard and Apps


Here are some shots of the various dashboard options on the My Cloud. There is some additional detail / slides on the equivalent page of our EX2 piece:

If desired, you can configure individual user logins, each with their own permissions to various shares.

Shares can be added, removed, and configured on this screen. There is good granularity to the configuration of each, as well.

Cloud access can be configured here. Multiple My Cloud devices can be attached to the same account.

Backups configuration is flexible, and can go to a number of places. Internal backups are convenient for when a duplicate copy of a folder is warranted, however users will typically backup to external or cloud based solutions. For those, choices are a connected USB device, network shares, as well as ElephantDrive and Amazon S3 for Cloud options. WD will likely add more Cloud options in the future via firmware updates.

RAID modes can be changed on this tab. Shown above is the drive information page, which can even pull up individual drive S.M.A.R.T. status.


More detail on the available apps and capabilities are available at this link, and pictured below for your convenience:

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