PCMark Vantage and 7

For trace based testing, we are replacing the outdated PCMark 05 results with a pair of newer versions of the same. PCMark Vantage and PCMark 7 results will be included moving forward. We are also running PCMark 8 on samples as we receive them, however we do not yet have sufficient comparative data to make a useful chart. Vantage results tend to be higher as they show more of a raw / peak type of result measured during the trace, while 7 shows more of an averaged value over the time duration of the trace. Translation: Vantage shows max throughput while 7 shows how that throughput impacts overall system performance. You can easily tell the difference by looking at the results of the HDD (VelociRaptor), which scores higher under 7 since the overall system is usually doing other things in addition to accessing storage.

Given the throughputs and seek times seen in the previous pages, we can guestimate that higher RPMs and faster seeks are going to result in higher performance. That said, the 6TB Red falls flat in any tests which employ more of a multithreaded access pattern (i.e. QD>1). In those tests we can see an obvious dip (~50%) in performance of those tests. We anticipate the updated firmware will shift those results to look more in-line with that of the 4TB Red results (grey colored bar – 3rd from the bottom).

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