Conclusion, Pricing, and Thoughts



  • Outstanding performance from the Red Pro line, on-par with enterprise units.
  • Quiet, vibration free operation.
  • Great sequential read and write speeds.
  • Supported in 8-bay (Red) and 16-bay (Red Pro) configurations.
  • 3-Year (Red) / 5-year (Red Pro) warranty with 24/7 support hotline.


  • 6TB Red could not be properly evaluated due to a firmware issue we discovered early in our evaluation of the drive.

Pricing and Availability:

Intro MSRP's are as follows:

Red (new higher capacities only):

  • 3.5" 6TB: $299 ($0.050/GB)
  • 3.5" 5TB: $249 ($0.050/GB)

Red Pro (all introduced capacities):

  • 3.5" 4TB: $259 ($0.065/GB)
  • 3.5" 3TB: $199 ($0.066/GB)
  • 3.5" 2TB: $159 ($0.080/GB)

Note that these are intro MSRP's and will likely come down a bit once they are on the market for a bit (this especially applies to the Red Pro, which is currently priced above the street price of the equivalent WD SE).


Red: Standard Western Digital 3-year Warranty (plus 24/7 support hotline specific to Reds)
Red Pro: Western Digital 5-year Warranty (plus 24/7 support hotline specific to Reds)

Final Thoughts:

It's great to see Western Digital expand the capacities of the Red all the way up to 6TB. The upgraded NASware 3.0, extending support to NAS devices up to 8-bays is also a welcome addition. An additional bonus was the new Red Pro line, which is essentially high performance enterprise internals hiding under a red label – supported in arrays of up to 16 drives thanks to hardware vibration compensation. The Red Pro performed extremely well in our tests, but a firmware configuration bug present in the 5TB and 6TB Reds prevented us from seeing the full potential of those new higher capacities. We are expecting a firmware fix from Western Digital in the very near future, and will revisit the 6TB Red results at that time.

I'm awarding Gold to the Red Pro for delivering enterprise-level performance under a lower-cost and more consumer friendly label. The jury is still out on the 5TB and 6TB Red until we can re-test on updated firmware for those models.

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