Results: SiSoft Sandra 2014 SP2a

The latest version of Sandra recognizes and utilizes most of the cutting edge features of the latest processors.  AVX and FMA are integrated into these tests, as well as a handy OpenCL test.  While Sandra is not a productivity app, it does have a nice grasp on theoretical performance.

I was more surprised by the Dhrystone results than anything else.  The latest Kaveri processors seem to do well, with a pretty large increase in performance over the Richland parts, and a small lead over the competing Intel part.  Whetstone performance for Kaveri just is not that hot.  The Intel part easily surpasses all of the other products here.  In multimedia performance we see that Intel again has a sizeable lead with its AVX2 unit.

OpenCL results are fairly interesting here.  I am not entirely sure what Intel’s OpenCL driver is doing, but the Double Float and Quad Float shaders have identical results as the Single Float shaders.  I am removing those results for Double and Quad on the Intel part, as they do not look valid.  Single float results do look inline with expectations.

Memory bandwidth was supposed to be improved on Kaveri, but with this particular case we are not seeing the improvements we were hoping for.  That is not to say that AMD has not done a lot of work on the memory controller, as it does feed the graphics portion with as much memory bandwidth as possible.

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