Results: 3D Mark Skydiver

The newest addition to 3D Mark is not nearly as tough on graphics as Firestrike, but it still gives most cards a pretty good workout.  The basic benchmark and standard settings are used.

Now we see where Kaveri really pays off.  Not only is it significantly faster than the Richland based parts, but the top end 7800 in both 65W and 45W configurations just destroys what Intel has to offer.  Remember that that GPU in Kaveri is clocked at 720 MHz no matter what TDP is selected.  We see the 45W part drop in performance, but that is primarily due to the CPU being throttled back to maintain the lower TDP.  While Intel has the Iris and Iris Pro graphics products, these OEM only parts that will not make it into a socketed motherboard (for this generation at least).

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