Results: 7-Zip and GRID Autosport


This is a nice little file compression/decompression application that features a very handy benchmark built in.

We again see some interesting results.  The 65W Kaveri product cannot keep up with the 65W Richland part in pure performance.  The Intel part is faster at one and two threads, but go above that and we see Richland and Kaveri scale better.


GRID Autosport

The final test is an actual game.  I took the latest GRID title and had the resolution set at 1680×1050 with 4X AA enabled.  The “High Quality” preset was used in the game with the built-in benchmark.

I find it pretty impressive that the 45W Kaveri is able to outperform (even by just 2 fps average) the 100W Richland part.  Even though this is an Intel branded title from Codemasters, it runs worst on the i3-4300.  In fact, the 45W A6-7400K is performing much faster, even with nearly half the compute cores as the full blown A10 series.  The top end A10-7800 was fairly smooth in this title, far smoother than anything else.  Obviously brand new titles benefit from more graphical horsepower, but it was not an unpleasant experience using this combination with this title at these settings.

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