Power Consumption

The very name of the game with these new APUs from AMD is power consumption and thermal dissipation.  AMD went from 100 watts in the Richland to 95 watts with the first Kaveri (A10-7850K).  They then introduced cTDP with the A8-7600.  Now we have multiple APUs in the lineup with cTDP available to us, so we took a look at performance at the different settings, and now we need to look at power consumption when using the lower TDP.

At idle there are no real outliers except for the Intel part.  This is likely more of an issue with the motherboard that it is using rather than the actual processor itself.  Still, it is nice to see AMD get down to as low as 26 watts at the wall for the entire rig.  Both of the Kaveri parts at either TDP run at a lower power than even the 65W Richland variant.

When put under load, things change up quite a bit.  The 45W 7400K consumes the least amount of power of the group.  The 7800 at 45W is right in the same region as the Intel part.  Finally we have the old 100W Richland 6790 that tops out the chart.  Consider how close the 65W 7800 was in overall CPU performance, and how much faster it was in graphics.  AMD has made some serious strides here in terms of power consumption and increased performance.

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