A Detailed Look at the HAF Stacker 925 Chassis (Cont’d)

The 925 chassis comes with one Cooler Master 140mm exhaust fan pre-installed on the rear panel.  The 8 + 1 expansion card configuration features vented slot covers which are held in place with thumb screws. The two large openings with rubber seals in the floor of the 925 allow for cable pass through when stacked on top of another Stacker module.

There are three tool-less 5.25” drive bays at the top in the front with two 3.5” drive bays located underneath. Each drive bay contains three drive trays. The tool-less design allows mounting 3.5” devices directly via pre-installed steel pins by just flexing the plastic tray. Alternately, 2.5” devices can be mounted into the trays with the supplied machine screws. And mounting for a tenth 2.5” SSD is provided behind the motherboard tray.

Both of the 3.5” drive cages are removable.

Flipping the HAF 935 enclosure upside down shows off the four large rubber feet (two per removable rail), which gives the 935 good stability. There is a vented area below the power supply that is protected by an easy to remove and washable dust filter.

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