A Detailed Look at the HAF Stacker 915R Chassis

The Cooler Master HAF Stacker 915R is a small form factor case designed to house a complete mini-ITX system. The 915R mounts a full size ATX power supply at the rear and comes with a three bay drive cage in the front.  The removable top cover is fully vented for excellent airflow.

Specifications for the HAF 915R from the Cooler Master website:

A mini-ITX motherboard can be mounted on the floor in the rear of the 915R chassis. But because the power supply also mounts in the rear over the motherboard, you are limited to CPU coolers no more than 3.1” (80mm) in height, which is fine if you are just using a low profile HSF like a stock Intel cooler.  If you want/need a taller tower style CPU cooler then look to the 915F, which moves the PSU to the front of the case leaving more room in the back over the motherboard.

(Courtesy of Cooler Master)

The front I/O panel is nearly identical to the one on the front of the 925 mid-tower chassis but omits the two USB 2.0 ports.
•    Power On-Off push button
•    Microphone jack
•    Headphone jack
•    (2) USB 3.0 ports

Below the I/O panel is a single 5.25” bay slot and a large filtered grill area. A 92mm Cooler Master intake fan is located behind the grill.

Both of the HAF 915 side panels are removable and are held in place with captive thumb screws. Each side panel is designed to mount up to three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans. Note: you can mount one or two 120mm fans or one 140mm fan per side and still keep the drive cage, but if you want to go for all three 120mm or two 140mm fans per side then the drive cage in front has to be removed.

A single 3.5” drive cage is mounted below the 5.25” drive bay and holds three tool-less drive trays, just like the two in the 925 mid-tower section.

Removing the front bezel exposes the pre-installed 92mm Cooler Master labeled intake fan.

An finally, looking at the back of the HAF Stacker 915R case shows openings for the power supply, mobo I/O panel, and two expansion slots.

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