HAF 935 Mid-Section, Full-size ATX System

We are going to start our build by installing a full-size ATX system in the HAF 935 mid-section. As we mentioned in Part 1, the lower section of the HAF 935 modular-case is a Cooler Master HAF 925 mid-tower enclosure, which is currently only available as part of the HAF 935.

ATX Power Supply

The HAF 935 case is designed to accept a standard ATX power supply. It mounts in the back at the bottom. The power supply rests securely on four rubber pads and is held in place with four machine screws on the back panel. A large opening in the bottom of the case allows outside room air to be drawn into the PSU through an easy to remove and clean dust filter.

We installed a Cooler Master V850 power supply, which is 170mm (6.7”) long. There are several large cutouts with rubber grommets in front of the power supply to help cleanly route cables.

ATX Motherboard

The lower mid-tower section of the Cooler Master HAF 935 case is designed to mount a micro-ATX, standard ATX, or Extended ATX motherboard. Brass standoffs are used to mount the motherboard. To see how things lined up we installed an MSI Z77A-GD65 full-size ATX motherboard into position.  As expected, both the mounting holes and expansion slot openings lined up perfectly.

There is a large cutout behind the motherboard that provides access to the CPU area for installing or re-mounting CPU coolers.

Graphics Adapters

The HAF 935 enclosure provides plenty of room around the motherboard area for installing one or more VGA cards.

The GeForce GTX Titan graphics adapters shown here are 10.5” long. They easily fit in the available space but if you plan to use a longer VGA card, the HAF 935 enclosure can handle expansion cards up to 354mm (13.9”) long with the 3.5” drive bays installed or up to 480mm (19”) long with the 3.5” drive bays removed.

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