HAF 935 Mid-Section, Full-size ATX System (Cont’d)

Now that we have the back end of the HAF 935 filled up with hardware its time to populate some of the drive bays up front.  

5.25” External ODD Bays

The HAF 935 mid-section has three 5.25” external bays at the top, each fitted with tool-free retention mechanisms. To install a 5.25” device in one of the three drive bays you first have to remove the front bezel (release tabs inside behind the bezel) and then pop out one or more bay covers. With the tool-free retention mechanism set to the OPEN position a 5.25” device just slides in and locks into place when the tool-free latch mechanism is set to the LOCK position.

3.5” Internal Drives

The Cooler Master HAF 935 mid-section has two 3.5” drive cages mounted behind the front panel and below the 5.25” bays. Both drive cages can be removed if desired (see Part 1). Each drive cage contains three trays, which slide in and out and latch into position.

Each plastic tray comes with four steel pins pre-installed in rubber grommets for mounting 3.5” drives. To mount a 3.5” HDD you just flex the plastic tray and drop the drive into position so the four steel pins engage the screw holes in the sides of the drive. Alternately, you can mount a 2.5” SSD in the back corner of a tray using the provided machine screws (after removing the steel pin in the back corner).

There is also a dedicated 2.5” SSD bay located behind the motherboard tray. A single device can be mounted here using two machine screws.

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