HAF 935 Water Cooling Options

If you would like to go the water-cooling route you have a lot of options available.

(Courtesy of Cooler Master)

For our build we installed a Corsair Hydro Series H80i CPU cooler.

The H80i uses two 120mm fans and everything fit up perfectly (after removing the stock 140mm rear exhaust fan).

If you want even more cooling, the upper HAF 915R section offers even more possibilities for larger water-cooling systems. In addition to housing one or more of the single/dual 120mm/140mm kit systems (see Cooler Master table above), the HAF 915 chassis can mount two triple fan 360mm radiators.

Both side panels on the HAF 915 cases can mount up to three 120mm fans and support 360mm radiators. To accomplish this you will have to remove the 3.5” HDD cage (915R) and the single 5.25” external bay bracket (915R/F).

Note: Fans should be configured to draw air in through the side panels and exhaust out the top of the HAF 915 enclosure because the side panels both incorporate dust filters.

This also leaves plenty of room for a pump, reservoir, tubing, etc. up top. And because the HAF 915 top cover is easy to remove, you have great access to fill the system and check on the water-cooling components.

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