Final Thoughts and Conclusions

HAF Stacker 935 Case

Cooler Master’s new HAF Stacker Series cases are designed to stack together in virtually limitless combinations. The individual cases can be used by themselves or combined into various Modular-Tower configurations. Having all that extra room can allow for building multiple systems in one large enclosure, or creating some very interesting custom cooling solutions. And the HAF Stacker series can provide an excellent starting point for some extreme case modding if desired.

HAF Stacker 915F                         HAF Stacker 915R

In this two-part review we have taken a close look at the HAF Stacker 935 (HAF 925 mid-tower case with a HAF 915R on top) and the HAF Stacker 915F enclosures. The HAF 935 is designed to house a modern ATX system in the mid-section with room up top for a second, complete mini-ITX based system. Alternately you can use the extra room for advanced water-cooling, HDD/SSD storage, and/or maybe a second power supply. The HAF 915 mini-ITX cases can be used stand alone or stacked. They come in two configurations: one with the power supply mounted in the rear (915R) and the other with the PSU mounted in front behind the bezel (915F).

All of the HAF Stacker Series cases we reviewed exhibit very good build quality, fit and finish. They are good looking and proved very user-friendly to work with. Each case is very functional on its own and offers great flexibility when used in combination – stacked with other HAF Stacker modules. The expansion room for custom systems is virtually limitless.

The HAF Stacker 935 case can easily house a full-size ATX gaming system with multiple VGA cards and advanced cooling. The Stacker Series cases are all water-cooling friendly with numerous options to meet your personal taste. While a giant Modular-Tower case may not appeal to everyone, if you are looking for an extra large case with virtually unlimited expansion and storage room, then the HAF Stacker Series deserves a close look.

The HAF Stacker Series has a lot going for it and while the good far out weighs any bad, we do have to point out a few minor weaknesses. In its stock form the HAF 935 mid-section does not offer much in the way of airflow. The single 140mm exhaust fan is a good start and while some may criticize Cooler Master for not including more fans, you have to keep in mind this case is designed for expansion with virtually limitless options for both air and water-cooling. The 935 provides a basic entry point and you the end user take it from there. One thing I did find a bit annoying was having to pull off the front bezel to access the front air filters for cleaning. The HAF 935 is also advertised as being designed to support dual systems, but if you truly want to have two independent systems in one enclosure (ATX system in the mid-section with a mini-ITX system up top) you will have to purchase an extra external I/O panel for the HAF 915 top section to replace the blank-dummy panel that comes with the case.

(Courtesy of Cooler Master)

The Cooler Master HAF Stacker modular cases are currently available and selling for:
•    HAF Stacker 935 Mod-Tower case    $169.99 USD (, August 2014)
•    HAF Stacker 915F mini-ITX case    $69.99 USD (, August 2014)
•    HAF Stacker 915R mini-ITX case    $59.99 USD (, August 2014)

•    Modular-Tower design with stacking functionality for virtually limitless expansion and storage
•    Stack extra 915F or 915R cases for dual/triple systems
•    Expandable chassis supports additional water-cooling and HDD storage
•    Cases feature multiple dust filtered intakes
•    Intuitive design for flexible and easy installations
•    HAF 935 mid-tower section features full tinted side window
•    HAF 915F has the PSU mounted in front (allows the use of tall CPU coolers)
•    HAF 915R has the PSU mounted in rear (HDD cage in front)
•    Supports standard ATX size power supply
•    Supports VGA cards up to 360mm/14.7” in length
•    Modular I/O functionality for future-proof connectivity with USB 3.0
•    Rear 140mm exhaust fan included (935 mid-section)
•    Rear 120mm exhaust fan included (915F)
•    Front 92mm intake fan included (915R)
•    Excellent support for water-cooling
•    Compatible with other HAF Stacker enclosures

•    Limited airflow in 935 mid-section (requires adding fans or water-cooling for optimum cooling)
•    Combining two independent systems in one case (935) requires purchasing an optional I/O panel for 915R
•    The front intake dust filters require removing front bezels for cleaning

Cooler Master HAF Stacker Series Cases

We have very much enjoyed our time with the HAF Stacker cases and hope you have found our two-part review helpful. A big thank you to Cooler Master for sending us the HAF 935 and HAF 915F cases to review!

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